King Kong Jen (king_kong_jen) wrote,
King Kong Jen

Just Venting

Why do brothers have to be such assholes!!??!! Okay today, Chris gets a phone call from one of his friends at about 11:00. He gets dressed and leaves at about 11:12 to meet up with this friend. Okay, he knows very well that I like to leave the house by 11:50, or a little there after. Usually I like to leave by 11:55 AT THE LATEST. He knows this, he also knows that I freak out easily if I leave a little late (mostly because I'm bad at judging how it will affect the transit to where it is I'm going, or how little it will affect it.) I especially wanted to be on time to Stage One today because there was the other intern that works with Group One wasn't there. It gets to 11:55 and Chris isn't here! I'm about to call his cell phone when i realize that he left it at home. Smart, yeah?? So my mind starts running wild with thoughts ranging from, I'm gonna kill him, to what if he had car trouble and is stuck somewhere...He shows up at 12:00 with a large coke in hand like nothing had happened. I was on time and everything but it's just annoying. I think that my thing is more important than going to Loco Moco with a friend. And these are the important reasons why he gets a car and I don't.
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