King Kong Jen (king_kong_jen) wrote,
King Kong Jen

STOP ME!!...i'm about to strangle one of my students.

I'm about to strangle this one little girl in my group named Noelle. Before we go into class I take everyone to the bathroom and say "Okay everyone's going to use the restroom because you can't go during classtime." Noelle just sits there and I say "Noelle, don't you want to try use the restroom." she says "No. I don't have to go." Fine. We get to class and people are sharing songs they know and everything is going fine when she starts grabing her crouch and acts like she hasn't used the bathroom all day. This while a scared little girl is up in front of the class trying to sing a song she can barely remember. It really irritated me. Noelle is also the person that goes to every intern and teacher and asks questions like "Do you have a boyfried?", "How old are you?", "why don't you have a boyfriend?" and one that she has apparently asked only one other person besides me, "Do you have a baby?", "Are you going to have a baby?" She likes to start fights too. Zackie is minding his own business, which for Zackie means rolling on the floor making dog noises, and she starts a fight with him! "Don't make dog noises Zackie! ZACKIE DON"T MAKE DOG NOISES!! Miss Jennifer, Zackie's making dog noises."she says. And you would think if Zackie bothers her so much then she would just find somewhere else to sit. No. Noelle manages to be in Zackies groups, be sitting next to Zackie or yelling across the room to Zackie. God help me, this kid will be smacked by the end of the program.
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