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Senior Pics

Okay I went to Sterling with my mommy, a couple of weeks ago. When you walk into Sterlings store they have a whole display of the senior pictures from the Class of 1999, Hokus' class. Yeah, that kind of freaked me out a little. Then you ask if you can see the pictures of you they took and the lady dissappears in back and comes back out thirty minutes later with 45 different pictures, all of you! That whole idea scared me. Too much me!! You choose your yearbook picture there and they allow you to take home seven pictures. You choose one of those to be your picture. After a long internal struggle I have finally chosen my senior picture. It was a hard decision to make. I kept thinking "this is the picture people are going to remember you by." That's a freaky thought. But anyway they should be ready in five to six weeks so if any of you want a senior picture of yours truly just say the word and you got one.
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