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Okay at "Stage One" there's this one little kid, six years old, insists on being called Zackie. He won't sit still, and has a self proclaimed "blatter problem". In one day I must've taken him to the bathroom, at least, six times. I've tried saying "Zackie, this is class time. You'll have to wait till break time." IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!! All he does is grab his crouch, spin around in circles on the floor and say "My weeney can't take it anymore!" He doesn't like me. He's now resorted to like totally ignoring me, unless he has to go to the bathroom of course. He like Tambrie though. He'll actually listen to her. When she says "Zackie, no talking." He stops talking! Tambrie is the other intern that's helping with Group One(there are three different groups within Stage One.) However Tambrie is too busy hanging on to the three quietest, cutest, little girls in the group. Leaving me with Zackie. It's really annoying because the situation would be so much easier if she would take over Zackie(because someone has to do it.) He'll get in less trouble, and it takes so little effort for her to get him under control. She knows this too! When he gets to be too much for me she'll do it, but not voluntarily. AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
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